Mental Wellbeing LIVE Panel

Join us for the first, in our 4 Series: CREATING RESILIENT COMMUNITIES: Mental Wellbeing 2021, LIVE Paneled Discussions Thursday, April 8th at 12pm PST

Research during the pandemic points to concerns around poor mental health and well-being for children, their parents, young adults, the elderly, and mid-career professionals.  In short, we have been experiencing a mental health crisis due to the fallout of the pandemic and there isn’t a single demographic that the stress has not affected..  Researchers have been gathering large data sets and concur that mental health issues caused by this pandemic will most likely last long after it is over.  

That is why, we at Urban Office Place have coordinated with industry professionals, practitioners, and therapists to help EVERYONE overcome the stigma of addressing and discussing mental wellbeing, and EMPOWER each and every person to take self-responsibility and become proactive in their OWN emotional and mental wellbeing.  

We have researched and gathered professional insights to bring you real-world, evidence-based tips, tools and resources to help you become aware that YOU have the POWER to create an inspiring, healthy and happier life, no matter the outer circumstances surrounding you.  

First in this LIVE Series, we will be talking with Berry Kruijning of Crowning Communications, and Mara McLoughlin of IRL SocialSkills about how to notice and become aware of your thoughts, feelings, and their resulting actions or decisions.  How to tune into yourself with more insight and compassion and how to communicate more effectively with others through empathy and support.  We will also be discussing the importance of noticing when others are struggling, with Jacob Midtlyng and Minoh Suh and from the creators of the QPR (CPR for those who may be suicidal) we will learn tools, and checklists to identify and get the right support. 

We ALL deserve joy and happiness and we ALL need support.  Find strength and courage by connecting with others and allow yourself to be real and vulnerable.  There is nothing wrong with the authentic you and it is time to let your light shine!


Berry Kruijning, JD, LLM Owner Crowning Communications

Mara McLoughlin, MS, CCC-SLP Owner IRL SocialSkills

Jacob Midtlyng and Minoh Suh of the QPR Institute,