At Urban Office, you have options. The open layout of our bright timber and steel-inspired space is purposefully designed to provide a place for you to work and the flexibility to choose how you work. Your Urban Office membership and twenty-four-hour keycard provide access to useful amenities plus some added perks. Here’s how to get the most out of your coworking experience.

Work in Different Spots

For coworking members, the tables located throughout our building are great places to work. Perfect for individuals or groups, our standard community tables seat anywhere from eight to ten people and include built-in outlets, allowing you to work continually without disruption. However, it’s nice to change things up occasionally. If you’ve been sitting for several hours at a time, try working at our standing height tables. Or, if you’re in need of a quieter workspace, opt to sit or stand at one of our “focus zone” tables.

Book a Meeting Room

Our coworking space has three meeting rooms that seat anywhere from eight to fourteen people. However, two of our connected meeting rooms can be modified into one large room to seat up to twenty-six people at a time. Each of these rooms has an Apple TV, a display screen, and dry erase boards to support collaboration. Use these rooms for formal meetings or spend a few hours brainstorming ideas as a group. Conference rooms can be booked anywhere from three to five hours per week, depending on your membership.

These rooms can also be used to host public workshops, which we help you publicize through our website and social media. This is an opportunity to get your name out there and invite people to mingle and make new connections. Or book your next board meeting here, and treat your fellow board members to a UO latte (or beer).

Long Phone Call? Use our Phone Booths!

While our common areas are fine for a short call, our phone booths are often preferred for longer calls such as phone or video meetings. With noise-canceling insulation, this gives you a quiet place to talk while also being courteous to your coworkers by keeping the noise level down.

Customize Your Workspace

Set up your workspace in a way that supports your work style. If you have a dedicated desk or private office, you can bring whatever you need to boost your productivity. Many people choose to bring their own chairs or a supplemental sit-stand desktop workstation to place on their existing tabletop. Additionally, many members find it helpful to have dual monitors at their desk for better multitasking.

Don’t forget to make your workspace your own. Regardless of how much time you spend at your workspace, personalizing it can make a difference in your overall work experience. Add an indoor plant, pictures, posters, or decorative items to make it unique to you. If you have a dedicated desk, show off your art skills and continually change up your design by drawing on our chalkboard dividers.

Spend Some Time in Our Wellness Room

Occasionally taking a time-out from your busy workday can go a long way in reducing and managing stress. Our wellness room provides a quiet space to sit and relax, take a power nap, or shower following a midday workout. This room also has lockers to store your workout items. Spend a few minutes here to give your mind a break and get back to work feeling refreshed.  

Try Something New!

At Urban Office, there are plenty of new and exciting things happening, like networking events, happy hours, lunch and learns, potlucks, classes, and workshops. These present great opportunities to step away from your desk, get out of your comfort zone, learn something new, and connect with others.

Get a Taste of Portland

In addition to our full kitchen that allows you to store and prepare your own meals, brew your own espresso and refill your water bottle, we offer locally roasted coffee and locally blended loose-leaf teas. We also have a rotating selection of beer, cider, and kombucha on tap. Add a boost to your work day by mixing it up and trying different varieties.

Use Urban Office’s Location to Your Advantage

The advantages of working at Urban Office don’t stop the minute you walk out of the building. Our location has its own benefits as well. We’re perfectly situated for convenience and accessibility, making it easy to reach us by bike, car, or bus, with Tri-Met bus stops right outside our building. But with the South Waterfront Greenway Trail so close, you may choose to walk instead. There are also many cafes and restaurants within walking distance, giving you plenty of lunch or coffee break options.

It’s All About Making It Work for You

The many benefits of our coworking space aren’t limited to the space itself. Our goal is to make going to work an enjoyable experience for our members. To make the most of it, take advantage of everything our memberships have to offer and figure out what works best for you.