Urban Office is designed for convenience to help every member work most efficiently. But the advantages aren’t confined to our building itself; it just so happens that our location has many favorable qualities as well.

Close to Downtown and Suburbs with Multiple Transportation Options

Just as our members have different career paths and work styles, they also have very different commutes. With the recent and ongoing growth the city has experienced, traffic can be time-consuming regardless of the distance traveled. Fortunately, our location offers many transportation options, allowing you to choose what works best for you, despite rush hour congestion.

Take the Bus or Streetcar

We’re perfectly situated right between the southern edge of downtown and the neighboring southwest suburbs. This makes it easy to get to and from multiple locations all over the Portland metropolitan area. If you want to go downtown but wish to avoid the hassle of driving and finding parking in such a busy setting, the TriMet Bus or Portland Streetcar may be good options. We have bus stops right outside our building that go directly through downtown and all the way to Oregon City. Likewise, a short walk up the hill to Corbett Avenue gives access to a bus line that goes between Washington Square and SW 3rd Avenue in Portland. The streetcar also has a stop along SW Moody Avenue that’s within walking distance from our office as well. This north-south line travels along the South Waterfront near OHSU and all the way over to NW 23rd. 

Drive and Park Nearby

If you prefer to drive and are looking for parking options, we’ve got them! While we have an onsite parking lot available at no cost to members, we also set aside spots for our visitors, so that we can be accommodating for everyone. Fortunately, there’s also curbside parking along neighboring streets. Some zones are limited to two hours and others are available for all-day parking. If you choose to park and walk a short distance, we have entrances from both Macadam Avenue as well as a shortcut walking path off Corbett Avenue.

Another advantage of driving? The freeway entrance to I-5 is right around the corner, making it easy to head north or south. If the freeways are especially crowded though, there are typically several other routes available to get you to your destination.

Bike or Walk—and Enjoy the Change of Seasons!

If you live in close enough proximity, you may choose to walk or bike to our office. Or, maybe you simply want to get some mid-afternoon fresh air and exercise. Either way, we’ve got exceptional walking and bike routes, like the South Waterfront Greenway. The waterfront provides some wonderful scenery, especially with the change of the seasons! Stepping out of the office and enjoying nature during your break can provide the perfect pick-me-up to help you feel refreshed for the rest of your workday.

Local Cafés and Restaurant Choices

Need a break, a bite to eat, or to pick up some snacks prior to a meeting you’re hosting? There are plenty of options within walking and biking distance! There are great local coffee shops and cafés located along Corbett Avenue as well as popular lunch spots such as sushi and pub food along Macadam Avenue. If you’re looking for a quick stop to pick up a premade meal or something to take back to the office, there are also nearby markets and delis filled with whatever you’re after.

It's nice to have options! We’re happy with the flexibility our location offers. Why not try something new? You may discover a restaurant that becomes your new go-to. Have a question about parking or commuting? Just ask and we’ll be happy to help as best we can!