Urban Office is much more than a space to work. It’s a place to get involved with your coworking community. Taking advantage of opportunities to be involved can help you build connections that can serve you professionally. Plus, they’re fun!

While we offer tons of events year-round, with the start of the cold and rainy weather, we like to plan things to keep ourselves happy and energized. That’s why we thought it would be a perfect time for a reminder of the events we offer as well as tips for those who are interested in hosting.

Workshops and Happy Hours and Concerts and More!

Most of our coworkers are familiar with Urban Network, which takes place at our office on the third Thursday of each month, unless stated otherwise. These events are especially popular for a good reason; they’re a perfect way to continually meet people and introduce yourself and your business. The more you attend, the more you’ll be able to talk with new people as well as become acquainted with other regular attendees.

Building your network doesn’t only have to be dependent on networking events though. All our other events are great for this, too! Plus, we like to keep the rotation varied. That’s why we offer a wide-range of events to align with different goals and interests. These include workshops, book clubs, concerts, radio plays, open houses, and community lunches. We also have regular professional development meetings such as our Coaches Circle and the Portland chapter of the American Society of Journalists and Authors. Most recently, we’ve added Rogue Portland, a supportive gathering of creatives. Though the structure and activities at these events are all a little different, they’re all about socializing, connecting with your colleagues, having fun, and maybe even learning something new along the way.

Host an Event: We Provide the Place, You Plan the Rest!

Being a guest and enjoying an already planned event is great. But if you’re the host, you have choices in terms of what you want to plan and how you want to plan it. Here are some tips for hosting an event:

Speak About You & Your Business

No matter the event, being a host is a wonderful opportunity to get your name out there and let people know who you are and what you do for work. You can provide insight about your field and display or demonstrate products if applicable. This is also a great time to answer questions people may have and hand out business cards. Some people even offer free consultations for those who are interested and want to follow-up.

Provide Food & Drinks

Food, drinks, and events often go hand in hand. Be a great host and put on a good spread! Some common choices include charcuterie style appetizers, veggie platters, and deserts as well as beer, wine, and sparkling water. Alternatively, you could choose to mix it up and go with a theme or style of cuisine, or make it a potluck. To accommodate food expenses, Urban Office offers $100 to members who are hosting happy hours.

Incorporate Engaging Activities or Games

Get creative! Events at Urban Office are the perfect setting to include team-building games and activities. These are a great way to encourage everyone to participate, start conversations, and in turn, meet more people. Some hosts like to incorporate raffles or, during the holidays, gift exchanges. 

Get Festive

Depending on the time of year, it can be fun to tailor the event to a specific celebration, season, or holiday. Have a work milestone you want to celebrate? Add a cake and party streamers or balloons! Are the holidays right around the corner? Offer holiday themed cookies and include some decorations. Or, perhaps add some interest by looking up unusual holidays and incorporating that into the theme.

Have an idea? Let us know!

We’re always looking for new ideas and ways to keep events exciting. If you would like to host or have an idea for a type of event or activity to include, let us know and we’ll consider it for the future.

And don’t forget -- we post upcoming events on the events calendar on our website, as well as Facebook and Eventbrite. Make sure to browse through from time to time and see what strikes your fancy.