Dear strong, unstoppable, brave, conscientious Urban Office members and friends,

*Updated January 21, 2020

We have missed you all so much. 

We feel so thankful for you all taking the COVID-19 disease seriously and for caring for the larger community by following CDC and state guidelines. 

We are thrilled to welcome you back by appointment as you feel comfortable and want to assure you that we're following all applicable guidelines for both workplaces and retailers. (Members continue to have 24/7 access as usual.)

When you visit us, we ask that you continue to practice social distancing and hypervigilance. This is the very best and most effective way we can combat the spread of illness.

What we're doing

  • Continuing our usual spotless nightly cleaning

  • Disinfecting high-touch surfaces multiple times a day, including phone booths

  • Directional signage and visual reminders of that 6-ft distance

  • Hand sanitizers located throughout

  • Clear Plexi-screens for conference rooms

  • Welcoming visitors and tours by appointment

What we're asking from you

  • In all UO spaces, at all times, maintain a distance of 6 feet between you and colleagues, employees, and guests who do not live in your house. If this is not possible, masks are required.

  • If you're a member, note that all visitors must be registered.

  • Wash your hands thoroughly upon entering the building and before using shared equipment in the kitchen.

  • Wash your hands frequently throughout the day.

  • If you have any of the following symptoms, please do not come into the building for any length of time. If you do come in with these symptoms, you will be asked to leave and not return for 2 weeks:

    • Fever

    • Tiredness

    • Dry cough

    • Aching

    • Sore throat

    • Shortness of breath

(Source: CDC Center for Disease Control-click here for more details on symptoms)

 In support of you and our incredible community, we have compiled a Mental Health Resource Guided.  These are evidence-based suggestions to improve mental health and wellbeing.  Visit the guide here and please share with those you know who may find it helpful.  Together we are stronger. 

Please get in touch with any questions, concerns, recommendations, or just to say hello.