There are a lot of things Michael Dutt gets excited about: history, coffee, acting, the Portland Art Museum, the bustle and creativity of the Saturday Market, and the Republic of Pie. He aspires to always be the guy in the room that you can count on for encouragement and positivity and to visit all Seven Wonders of the World. (He’s already made it to Chichen Itza. Only 6 more to go!) Two of his big regrets in life are not visiting King Tut when he was in town and that he doesn’t do anything extreme enough to get sponsored by Redbull. 

Michael grew up in Portland with 4 brothers and a twin sister, all of whom are in one branch of the military or other. Michael pursued a different path -- life on the stage. 

Whether in the LA hustle, the quirkier Portland theater scene, or using COVID time to work on his screenwriting skills, Michael finds a lot of joy in honing his craft. He’s been fascinated by the art of on-screen storytelling ever since his grandma took him (and only him) to see Titanic and he snuck a viewing of Saving Private Ryan with his older brothers. 

Michael and his wife, Gina, celebrate their iron anniversary (6 years) this year. (Fun fact: in the UK, the 6-year anniversary gift is candy. One of these seems clearly better.) They love to roadtrip and to do date night at Holy Taco in Lake Oswego. Gina is a hair stylist at Anastasia Salon. (“She kills it,” Michael says.) They have a 9-month-old mini goldendoodle named Peach, who Michael describes as “pure love.” 

Michael comes to us from Freeman Motor Company. His big dream for Urban Office is to keep the amazing vibe going and to keep growing that sense of community that people can feel as soon as they walk in the door.