In July of 2020, my partner Robert, and I put together a free workshop series, ‘Adapt + Thrive’ to support businesses during the COVID closures and preparations for reopening.  We wanted to serve a greater community and thus took to collaborating with other B2B professionals to share tools, resources, and support to make the pivots required to grow strong.

We know that to THRIVE  in any situation, we must first start with MINDSET so that we can easily and effectively deploy tools to ADAPT to any situation.  Positioning ourselves for sustainable growth.


To catalyze a Growth Mindset, we have to shift our perspectives.  Struggle, Problems, Challenges, Your Crux; these all occur as opportunities for Growth.  Scratch that, these ARE the spaces where growth is created.  And without them, we get more of the same results, even more real, which can be a steady decline.  Both professionally and personally.

All that you are, every experience you have lived through has ALL brought you to this NOW.  Every life experience becomes an opportunity to leverage.  Meaning no life event is ever wasted.  

When we feel like there are so many circumstances outside of our control, we often find ourselves getting stuck, repeating old patterns, or in a tunnel just trying to make it through. 

Thriving is NOT just Surviving!

Hence why we start with the end in mind.  The destination, our desired goal.  FOCUS is EVERYTHING!  We must reflect and be mindful of the awareness we have about our daily thoughts and actions.  Are we running through our days like frantic squirrels or are we staying laser-focused on the outcome we desire?  When we know where we want to go, it creates the space to actually see the opportunities present and possible, which are always there.  In those highly focused states, we are clear and able to receive the support and resources we need.  

We know as science shows us, that in a stressed state we are only able to see what is right in front of us, and even that can be unclear or confusing.  Perhaps even less, because our focus is on the dark tunnel.  However, when we can maintain a clear and focused state of mind, the realm of potential and positive opportunity presents all around.  

When you study neurology, psychology, biology, and even quantum physics, you understand the power of one singular, measurable thought.  As science and research show us, to manifest anything from the zero-point energy field or realm of quantum potential, EVERYTHING is first created in the Mind.  With focused intention, you empower your conscious mind.  The Mental Action.  Which then enacts your Emotion Action, Energy Action, and thus produces the Physical Action.  

I want you to hear me on this.  When you look around and you’re unsure where to go, what to do next, you’re tired and have tried so many different things, you don’t have what you want.  


If you are like the majority of people, your world has been greatly impacted by the disease known as COVID.  Humans tend to look for anything and everything outside of themselves to hold accountable for the results they have in their lives.  And I am not saying that external circumstances do not have a great effect on us, they do.  And COVID has certainly affected me and my business.  However, when you take total responsibility for your life and livelihood, you take back your power.  And I’ll be honest while reaching that critical point of being able to ask yourself, “How did I co-create this?”, or “What do these results say about me?”, is like unlocking the keys to success and the 51% critical mass point, it can be the hardest to recognize and accept.

Experts say that on average we are only using 5% of our conscious mind.  That means that 95% of All Actions, Behaviors, Emotions, and Decisions come from our subconscious mind.  The subconscious mind tends to run on repeat based on the paradigms and programs we have created from earlier in our lives.  The research shows that these core paradigms are actually put in place by age 7.  

You may be thinking, ‘Oh great.  How do I shift my mindset now when most of my actions are on autopilot?’  I am going to share with you a couple of tools, that with REPETITION + FOCUS, can create powerful results and massive shifts in your life.

Our subconscious mind is what filters our reality.  This is why you can have two different people experience the same situation and yet have two totally different results.  What we focus on, we create more of.  If your attention and focus remain on what is NOT working, we will get more of the same.  However, if we start actualizing the question, “How can I ________?”, you start to operate from a more expanded conscious capacity, thus revealing clear thoughts and clear thinking.  Then the clear focus becomes the new program.  Allow yourself time to GET CURIOUS from this mindful state and OBSERVE what is real in the now.  

A New Mindset Starts Here:

  1.  Take time to reflect upon your life experiences.  Where else have you found yourself in times of challenge or struggle?  What were the results of those experiences?  Where there triumphs or perceived failures.  What were your thoughts, emotions, actions, and behaviors?  How did you grow or change?  Can you use that awareness to support you now?

  2. Affirming, I AM ________________.  Capable, Focused, Willing, Supported, etc..  Whatever feels right at that moment for you.  Where your attention goes, energy flows, and you have all that you need within you.  Positive affirmations greatly help impact the focus and manifestation of what you desire or need.  

  3. All challenges/crux/problems are opportunities for growth.  I love the outdoors and adventure sports, and my calling, rock climbing.  We have a saying, there is never a problem not worth tackling.  In fact, we actively look for “problems”.  Seeking the best challenges of cracks, nibs, chimneys, etc. on a rock face.  We get excited about the Problems.  And then we get quiet, clear, and focused and the “line”, the path up the wall, appears and reveals itself to the climber.  Truly we seek them out!  And so I submit to you, everything is PERSPECTIVE.  It’s not just a positivity tool, it’s an unlimited source of power for any mindset.  Get curious and excited about the challenge at hand, for these are the real opportunities and it is where Growth resides.

  4. Integrating an Innovation Mindset.  I could speak to this one topic alone.  But the core essence here is that Innovation MUST be a daily habit.  Life and work become stagnant, not able to progress or evolve if we are not continuously innovating.  Remember the saying, “necessity is the mother of all innovation”?  Well, that is absolutely true.  So whether you are in a pandemic or the glory of an economic boom, if an innovation mindset becomes the order of your thinking then the ideas and opportunities will always be at your fingertips.  Bring the awareness and mindfulness back to getting curious.

  5.   [LIFE HACK] FALL IN LOVE!  With yourself, the world around you, your work, with your clients.  Dr. Bruce Lipton shows us that when we reside in a state of love, we now have access to 80% of our conscious mind.  That’s a 1,600% increase in your state of awareness!  Access to potential opportunities, clarity, discernment and empowered action.  Create time in your daily routine to put FOCUS on the things that you like and/or love.  And if that is too much of a stretch at the moment, start with what you are grateful for.  

With repetition, focus and a little determination, you will be able to put yourself back in the command chair of your life and create lasting results.  All you need is already within.  Mindset is EVERYTHING!

Here’s to Everyone’s Continued Successes!

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