I wrote this as a spoken word piece with a twist of poetry. I hope this inspires you in your life and keeps your light on wherever you go and whomever your with. I wish this for you.

I am the bringer of the light

From dusk til dawn I shine

If I falter I am pulled up by those who know the word of hope

Those who know may not have always known

They too were pulled up in their moments of darkness

Sometimes we can only experience the light after our darkest hours

But once experienced and moved through fully we can never look back

For that energy is complete

Not knowing why or how but often it's just an awareness of truth in that single solitary second where honesty lives -- and mostly in the depths of places where they hide away only to come out in that perfect moment, in that perfect time

The truth is always there

It lies in your heart

But it takes bravery and a seeking to understand and only you can do that for you

Only you can choose for you

Only you will know when that time is right

Once you seek, the teacher will appear to take your hand and guide you to the other side

But only you decide you are ready

The journey can be long and hard but it will be well worth it no matter how long it takes

This is the meaning of following your heart

Following the deeper presence that exists within you

Those whispers you can hear

The repetitive happenings that occur

These are the clues to a new beginning and a new way of being in the world

Yes it can be frightening but the terrain will only give more of that which you are willing to attain

What we persist exists

What we focus on expands

Look around you and be very clear as to the information you are receiving from the world


It may be time to adjust your sails and get on another course

A higher ground

You can do this with another perspective and another way of looking at it

You will know in your heart the best action to take

Follow the path of expansion

That is divine right action

Expansion meaning what feels good 

What feels joyous

What feels happy

What brings you the Light

Anything else does not deserve to be in your field of awareness

If it shows up then that is the clue to adjust

Even if you are making peace with your past

Know the difference

Discernment is the key to a happy existence

You can make peace with the past while simultaneously being in peace and joy in the present moment

It is possible

Do that and the flow will continue down the stream

Bringer of the Light

That is who you are

Be that and you will be the beacon for others

That is why we are here

And so it is. 

Lisa Schneiderman is a UO member who helps people raise awareness for causes and positive messages that uplift humanity to a higher state of being.