Refocus This Summer

As the seasons change this time of year it becomes easy to get distracted by the warm weather and lose focus on your work. However, summer can also be a great time to focus on your priorities while also recharging and reenergizing for the rest of the year.

Within a modern workspace it is easy to often get into a routine and go about your daily tasks without inspiration or a strong purpose. Summer can be a great time to find new inspiration. Here are four tips for how to use this time effectively.

First, we can all utilize the outdoors to recharge and renew our energy. Being outside in nature allows people to connect with something greater than themselves. Being located in Portland, Oregon allows people to do just that. We are a short drive from many hiking trails, waterfalls, and scenic walks. 

Each week during the summer months, you can do something new that inspires you. For example, trying a new unique restaurant or taking a dance class. Whatever it is that will bring you joy and inspire you in some way, related to your career or not. I always love going to different farmer's markets in the area.

Oftentimes families use the summer to spend time with each other while kids are out of school. The summer is a great time to connect with distant or close family members as well as friends. This can look like a trip to see an old friend or even just a phone call to a family member. Reconnecting with those you care about is important for maintaining relationships and feeling energized.

Earthing is an additional therapeutic technique that involves simply putting your feet on the earth with your bare feet which has known positive effects on your body and mind. 

Lastly, take this time to enjoy the sunshine. Even sitting in the sun for 5 - 10 minutes a day has shown to have incredible impacts on your daily life and health. The sun and vitamin D can truly help transform your mind. The sun is a natural recharge. 

Overall, there is much you can do with your free time this summer. I encourage you to use this time to your advantage and recharge your battery.

Here are four ways to use summer as a time to recharge and refocus

  1. Get outside

  2. Do something each week that inspires you

  3. Connect with an old friend or family member 

  4. Sunshine!

  5. Earthing

Lisa Schneiderman is a UO member who helps people raise awareness for causes and positive messages that uplift humanity to a higher state of being.

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