Do you associate forgiveness with another chance? It’s time to shift that belief. Forgiveness is accepting you can’t change the past, despite your ruminating, fixating, and creating different scenarios in your head. Specifically focusing on forgiveness of self: by learning from your mistake(s) and ceasing previous harmful behaviors, you will naturally move towards your higher self.  Forgiveness isn’t forgetting, it’s acquiring knowledge gracefully. And with this profound knowledge, we can allow ourselves to live in the present with an open heart. It not only benefits our confidence, but positively affects every person you interact with. In addition, if we acknowledge that our feelings aren’t wrong or right, they are simply indicators, arrows pointing to what issues need to be addressed, we can tackle life in a more level-headed manner. That we are the ruler of our own universe and what occurs in our heads. We can create heavenly bliss or a self-destructive hell, the choice is yours. Focus on what you can control. Practice being consciously aware of the stunning fact that we exist, like Oprah said “The miracle of your existence calls for celebration everyday.” Reprogramming our minds to notice all the good in and around us. Forgiving ourselves can be the hardest because we are our own harshest critics. Release self-hate and do not squander this precious life! You are a miracle, the odds of you existing were 1 in 400 QUADRILLION! 

Written By, Katie Freeman

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