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On our most basic level, Urban Office is a coworking and office space located in John's Landing (SW Waterfront) in Portland. What does that mean? Simply: we offer a few differnt types of flexible office space to anyone that needs it. 

But what does coworking mean?

We're glad that you've asked. Coworking is defined on a self-titled wikipedia page:

"The idea is simple: independent professionals and those with workplace flexibility work better together than they do alone. Coworking spaces are about community-building and sustainability. Participants agree to uphold the values set forth by the movement’s founders, as well as interact and share with one another. We are about creating better places to work and as a result, a better way to work."

But am I working with other people that I don't know?

You're not required to work on projects with anyone else, engage in their projects, or share yours. We've done our best to create a space that you can come to, sit down, and get your work done for the day. We provide many resources for you to do so: high-speed internet, caffeine of various types, conference rooms, a gym, etc. You can take advantage of all of that, but if you're coming here and not engaging with and getting to know the people around you - you'll be missing the biggest resource.

A community of entreprenuers and other professional individuals from various walks of life that might be your next client, or able to solve your next problem. They could be your next hire, or give you your next great job. Your ability to network and be constantly creating business potential in a coworking space is endless. If the person next to isn't a potential client, the investor coming in to meet with them could be interested in your project as well. You never know what connection you might make. *Cue the love boat theme music*. 

Flexible Workspace? That's vague to me. 

When you're renting office space, most commercial outlets are going to request at minimum lease of a year, if not a multi-year contract. We only require 30 days notice when folks are leaving the space. We handle moves within our space on a case-by-case basis, but will aim to move people as soon as thier desired space is available. We're aiming to give small businesses the ability to flex into larger and smaller spaces based on their real time needs. 

You also use the word community.

Sure do! If you've been to a coworking space before, you may have noticed that people aren't talking. Many coworking spaces essentially just rent out office space of various types, provide internet and a few services, and end it there. That's a fine model, but it's not our approach.

We're aiming to create a space where people are interested in the people around them. Everyone is coming here to work, and everyone is a potential connection. People spend hundreds of dollars attending networking events every year, where they go out of their way to just mix with people that they may not know anything about; looking for that next.... something. In a coworking space, that luxury is built-in. You just have to get out of your seat and get to know the people around you, and that is where our work really begins.

Office space is okay - but creating a community where people's businesses can grow and evolve based on sharing, learning, and openness is powerful. We're trying to build a space where you can partake in, and harness that power. That's why we use the community, and that's why we're the place for your business.  


We're happy to have you here on our website, and hope to meet you in our space soon.

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