Welcome back!

As we get up and running, we thought that we should take some time and introduce our team. 

First off is Scott! If you've taken a tour, you've likely met him already. If you haven't been to the space yet, his face will probably be the first that you see as you come through the door.

Scott is a new Portland transplant, who moved here after 'visiting too much', and slowly falling in love with Portland. Prior to Portland he's lived around the world: Costa Rica, Boston, Paraguay, Chile, Vermont and Connecticut. He's a University of Vermont Grad (2011), and Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Paraguay 2012-2014). 

After returning from the Peace Corps, he was hired as a Community Manager/Lead Host at Impact Hub Boston in 2014. He worked with the business's founder that had over 15 years experience managing one of the world's largest coworking spaces to guide Impact Hub Boston. In the two years that he was there, he managed to grow the community from 20 to 200 members. He managed a volunteer team of 20 people to maintain the space and create a cohesive community.

Before leaving Impact Hub, Scott created a Human Centered Design workshop series for the Impact Hub leadership to execute with the membership aimed at exposing the most important facets of the business from the member's perspective. The series was successful and the information was later used to design a larger space that the community expanded into. Scott joined Urban Office in March of 2017 and consulted on the operations and design of the space before joining the Urban Office team in May of 2017. 

Scott is the Community Manager at Urban Office, and is guiding the team through setting up the new coworking space. 

He spends quite a bit of his time practicing yoga, baking and cooking, exploring Portland's tea shops, and trying to enjoy all of the nature that Oregon has to offer. "It's overwhelming." Currently, he's working along side Eric, the Urban Office founder, and will be joined by an additional team member in the coming days! Look out for updates on Eric and our new team member shortly!