What is coworking?

You’ve heard the term. You may even be wondering if a coworking space is for you...

So, let’s break it down:

The working world has changed drastically in the past few decades. Suited men arriving to the office, working all day, then returning home to the wife and kids is no longer the norm.

That “everyman” employee is a thing of the past.

Today, there are more freelancers, remote workers, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, startups, and digital nomads than ever before. More and more, these go-getters choose coworking spaces.

Even small business owners (think: real estate agents, editors, interior design) are finding their place in coworking spaces. Why rent a small, secluded space for yourself or your team when you can be part of a premium space and community? Not only does it make professional sense, it makes financial sense.

But what does a coworking space look like?

Walk in and you might think you’ve arrived at a single company-owned office. You’ll find desks, shared workspace tables, private offices, a kitchen, etc . . . but begin speaking to people and you’ll find that each person might represent a completely different industry.

Coworking is like the United Nations of movers and shakers, but with different businesses instead of countries.

coworking space inforgraphic

Groups and individuals who are tired of working cafes, home offices (or couches!), libraries, or even bars come together in shared office spaces to do what they do best  . . . just better.

For example, if coworking spaces existed in the 80s, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak probably would have found themselves working among other “coworkers” instead of cooped up in a garage!

Wondering if you're expected to work on the same projects with fellow coworking members?

Answer: No.

You work on your own projects autonomously (just like you would anywhere), but with the added benefit of shared space and community.

Now you know what coworking is, let’s talk about . . .


What’s Coworking at Urban Office PDX?


1) It’s a place to get things done

You’re more productive in environments geared toward—you guessed it—work.  Legitimate office space provides in ways that a home or cafe simply can’t.

Think of all those distractions:

Snacks in the kitchen, nearby chatter, kids at the door, people walking in and out of rooms . . . It's just not the same as sitting at a real desk and plugging into your work day.

At Urban Office, we're here for you. We've got lightning-speed internet, printers, endless coffee, first-rate desk space, a kitchen, and a network of fellow coworkers contributing to that work-fueled mojo.


2) It’s a community


“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”  

-Jim Rohn, renowned motivator


When you’re part of a coworking community, you’re surrounded by like-minded, work-focused cohorts.  Although one-off networking events can be fun (and expensive), working at Urban Office comes with an built-in network of growth, productivity, and positive influence.

We have tech startups, entrepreneurs, video editors, writers, graphic designers, social media masters . . . the list goes on. It’s like a customized Yellow Pages for your business!

You’ll stay busy in your private office, dedicated desk, or coworking space, but saying hi to familiar faces, pouring yourself a coffee, or grabbing our local beer on tap leads to connections you just can't make elsewhere. Zinga!

The staff at Urban Office is here to bolster the community and the work. We have weekly happy hours, monthly potlucks, and other fun events to ensure we relax and close the laptop on occasion. We’re constantly trying to mix the pot to ensure you meet as many people as you’d like while getting the most productivity out of your day.


3) It’s an event space

Do you have a team? Need to meet with people? Hold a conference? Throw a social or networking event?

Urban Office has the space you need.


Apart from our 175-person event space, our coworking space has three state of the art conference rooms with flat screen TVs, beautiful workspace, and even drinks and snacks available upon request.

We don't just serve you, we serve your network—be it clients, colleagues, or friends.


Urban Office coworking space is your home away from home, just without the distractions of home.

Instead, it’s the opposite of distractions. Endless coffee, multiple workspaces, focused peers and support, and a community of Portland’s best heavy hitters.


(Oh . . . since you’re still here, I admit, “no distractions” is a bit of a white lie. All work and no play . . . you know. That's why we have free beer on tap and wine for happy hours!)


Sound good? Set up a tour for membership and find out why Urban Office is right for you!

Article written by Meggan Kaiser

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