Work and holidays.

Those two words don't exactly go together, do they?

But there's a way to make it happen. There’s a way to not get slowed down by the constant diversions of scented candles, telephoning relatives, and shiny decked halls.

Of course, I could tell you that it just takes focus and determination, but you have something more that that, a secret weapon:

Coworking at Urban Office.

Now look, we're certainly not against holiday festivities at Urban Office. In fact, we love them! We've got our Taco Potluck and Holi-Detox Happy Hour coming up, and don’t forget the local beer on-tap daily. And true, a few decorations might creep onto a few of our desks.

But at the end of the day, Urban Office is a place to get things done. When you come here, you come to be immersed in an environment of productivity, encouragement, and focus.

Holidays are a time to be at home, but the days before and after are still work-worthy. We understand that you're thinking about that roast or wondering what gift to get your sister-in-law—we are too.

But when you step through our doors, you can set all that aside for a while and keep up the commitment to your work responsibilities.

Getting business done during the holidays is not easy. But just like with Pavlov’s dogs, environment influences action. Skip the cafe, the holiday music-infused public spaces, or the cozy (but distracting) couch at home.  

Set up a tour and come join South Portland’s best community coworking space!

See you at Urban Office!

Article written by Meggan Kaiser