Coworking spaces are networking hotspots for businesses of all shapes and sizes, growing in popularity around the world. As of 2017, there are over 15,000 coworking spaces worldwide with over 1.2 million members. As the perfect location for any small business or freelancer, shared workspaces offer numerous perks and features that a home or traditional office simply cannot supply.

Your coworking space is an investment. And like any solid investment, you expect a return. So what can you do to maximize your return when leasing a shared coworking space? What perks and features can you take advantage of? Let’s talk about that.

Taking Advantage of Common Amenities

Unlike office spaces or home offices that require services and amenities, shared workspaces come prepackaged with all you need to run your business successfully. A front-desk receptionist, professional furniture, mailing services, a beautiful kitchen, meeting rooms, and so much more are available for every single member at Urban Office in Southwest Portland. Like most coworking spaces, the intention is to provide you with common essentials for a fraction of the cost of setting up a home or downtown office.

The key to capitalizing on these perks, and maximizing your return, comes from an exploration of the workspace. Taking a tour, asking the staff for information, and chatting with other coworking members provides you with a chance to connect while learning more about common workspace perks.

Other approaches you could take to maximize your return may involve scheduling meetings with clients in one of the shared workspace’s many meeting rooms. Soundproof telephone booths give you a chance to talk business without the potential interruptions you’d experience at home or in the corporate office. And workplace functions allow for casual conversations with peers. By using every service to its fullest potential, you can establish that your efforts are maximized and contribute to your growth.

A Network of Professionals

Unlike isolated home offices or traditional office spaces, shared workspaces provide members with a network of professionals to aid in the growth of their businesses. Marketing consultants, web developers, and graphic designers can work in tandem, referring business to one another as needed. General contractors, architects, and employment services can discuss projects or hiring needs while making coffee in the kitchen.

By working amongst others who complement your business, opportunities for more work and stronger relationships come naturally. While a graphic designer may be unable to perform website updates, chances are high they can refer a client to a member only a desk away. And chances are higher still that the referred member will do the same in return. By working in a shared space with a diverse group of members, you have the opportunity to grow your business more than it ever has before.

Don’t Take Your Work Home with You

Working from home can make it difficult to balance the work-life relationship. Not only is this practice unhealthy, but it stops you from separating work from your personal life. While many state that a home office is simply more comfortable and less expensive, research shows the two most common life stressors are work and money. Even if you love what you do, work stress can strain personal relationships -- adding a little distance can ease that tension and help you be more present when you are at home.

A shared workspace is not only a monetary investment, but a biological one as well. By separating work from your personal life, you provide yourself with a place of relief and recovery. Your return materializes in your health. Nothing feels more stressful than mounds of paperwork and emails awaiting you each day when you wake in the morning. Your body and mind will thank you when you’ve brought your work to a coworking space that gives you a chance to breathe.

The benefits of a coworking space are endless if you want to maximize your return. Professional amenities, networking opportunities, and personal health are only a few of the many ways this can be achieved. By investing in a coworking space, you are investing in the growth of your business, and yourself.

Here at Urban Office, we understand the need for a qualitative return on your investment. By incorporating all the services listed above, we ensure both you and your business have a chance to thrive like never before. If you’re looking to take your team out of the corporate office, or find yourself wanting to escape your home, visit us online or give us a call to schedule a tour. Let’s see what coworking can do for you.