Urban Office is hiring! See available positions below.

Open positions:

Urban Office is searching for the perfect candidate to help us grow our community of startups, freelancers, small businesses and entrepreneurs. The ideal candidate will be an outgoing and innovative person who is willing to do a little bit of everything. We’re a young company that will be serving young companies, and our needs will change as we grow, much as our client’s needs will. The Assistant Manager will need to be flexible and able to simultaneously manage projects, clients, day to day operations, and events without missing a beat.


The Assistant Manager will be passionate about small business and entrepreneurship. They will be the main connector between all the entrepreneurs and freelancers working in the space. They should be just as interested in making the member’s small businesses succeed as the members themselves.


This position will be 18 to 25 hours a week. The majority of the workday will be within a M-F 9-5 schedule, with some possible evening event hours. The Assistant Manager will work with the General Manager to find the right schedule for them, with a good balance of flexibility and predictability. We know you are a dynamic person with a lot of responsibilities, and we're committed to great work-life balance for our staff.


The Big Picture


The Assistant Manager will be one of the main points of contact for the Urban Office members. They will be the face that everyone sees when they come through the door, call, or email us. The Assistant Manager should be both outgoing and grounded; able to build relationships with the members and community, but also be ‘the boss’ when needed. They will handle sales tours, client relationships/billing, events related inquiries, community building, community outreach, and more. There’s no project too big or small. The position will grow as the space grows, and candidates should be prepared to build lasting processes for the organization and able to refine them as needed over time.


Your daily responsibilities may include:

  • Schedule and execute sales tours - Sell the physical space and the community, and follow up with contracts.
  • Member Relationship Management - You’re the face of our space (one of them, at least!), and when the members need something, they’ll turn to you. Facilitate introductions, answer questions about invoices, and help troubleshoot IT issues.
  • Reception - Welcome members and visitors to space in person. Handle inquiries from the web and via phone.
  • Community Building - We’re only as strong as the community that we can create. Get to know our members and their needs. Empower the membership to make the best use of our space and each other. Help them to learn to use their fellow coworkers as a resource just as much as they use you as a resource. Integrate them into the space and into the community so that every member feels like the Urban Office is their second home.
  • Event Management - Be an expert at executing events in our space. Create contracts and coordinate with outside event hosts. Work with members and member organizations to transform the space for their holiday parties, coordinate weekly events for the membership, and outreach to local community organizations to encourage them to host their events at Urban Office. Curate a host of events to keep the members engaged in and passionate about their work, apply your own passions to engage the rest of the space in quality events that interest everyone.


The Nitty Gritty


The Assistant Manager will be charged with keeping the physical space orderly, sparkling clean, and organized for members. These small tasks are just as important as the larger ones, though a bit less glamorous and involved, the sum of their parts will make our space exceptional. We don’t expect anyone to be motivated by having to complete these tasks, but they are something that all of our members and team are evenly charged with.


Your daily small-stuff responsibilities will include:

  • Maintain the kitchens and common spaces throughout the day.
  • Oversee conference and meeting room bookings. Make sure that both are well stocked with supplies and clean.
  • Distribute mail to clients.
  • Stock printers & other office supplies.
  • Make coffee and keep the community buzzing.
  • Clean offices between vacancies to ensure that they’re ready to be rented to the next client.
  • Arrange, and rearrange furniture to ensure that the community space and private offices are up to code and efficient.
  • Make sure that bathrooms and kitchens are stocked with towels. Do loads of laundry when needed.
  • Keep clean towels stocked in locker room.  


The Ideal Candidate


  • Is going to ‘wow’ our members every day, and pull out all the stops to make sure that the members have an amazing experience.
  • Is outgoing and thoughtful. They will remember small chats with members and use them to create meaningful connections between members and the larger community.
  • Is able to see themselves as part of our community. Has an interest in entrepreneurship, small business, and community. Wants to insert themselves into this world.
  • Will be comfortable creating, crafting and molding the culture and vibe for Urban Office.
  • Will be independent and dependable, able to work alone or without direction when necessary.



  • 2 or more years' experience in a customer-service or client-facing role with increasing responsibility.
  • Superb organization skills.
  • Passion for helping others succeed.
  • Flexibility to learn new skills and troubleshoot on the go.


We're committed to diversity and inclusion, and we encourage candidates who are minorities to apply!


Think you’re perfect for Urban Office? Submit a resume and cover letter explain why our community is interesting to you to [email protected]