Printer Guide

Set up and print with Ezeep

Ezeep is a service that manages the printers at Urban Office, and that works on both Mac and PC as well as iOS and Android. It is necessary to install it on your device to use the printers at Urban Office. There is no additional cost to sign-up for Ezeep.

Urban Office will email you with an invite to join Ezeep. Clicking ‘Set Password’ will take you to a webpage where you can set a password and create an account to sign into Ezeep with.

Your new Ezeep account will use the email address that the invite was sent to as the account name and the new password you just created. You will need to remember both to sign into the portal.

If you do not receive an invite email, please contact [email protected].


Download and install Ezeep

Visit on the device you would like to install on and sign-in with your new account.

Visit the 'Apps' tab on the left side of your browser. Underneath 'Download the App', choose which platform you are using Ezeep with and click the link.


The downloaded file will be named 'ezeepSetup.msi'. You may need to click 'Allow' if an alert comes up.

There is no wizard or installer screen that will appear when double-clicked, and in most cases Ezeep will not alert you if it has been installed. Please refer to your Start Menu to see if it has recently been installed. The ‘Recently Added’ programs should list Ezeep if it’s been installed.



The downloaded file will be named 'ezeepInstaller.dmg'. Double-click to mount and it will appear either on your desktop or in the sidebar of Finder. If you receive an alert that the application has been blocked, please follow these instructions from Apple to allow the application.


When Ezeep first starts it will ask for your email and password. You will only need to sign in once to finish setting up Ezeep.


Start printing with Ezeep

Ezeep will automatically install the new printers and any necessary drivers to your device. Ezeep will also manage the settings on the printer for you, so there is no need for additional configuration.

All Ezeep printers will have an ‘[e]’ placed in front of them (ex., [e] Canon iR-ADV C5235). When you go to print from any application you already use, just print like you would with any printer and select the printer that has the ‘[e]’ in front of it.

Settings like color and page size can be changed during page setup.

To see where new printers have been located:


You can see the new printer installed in two places: Printers & Scanners, and Devices & Printers, found under Settings and Control Panel respectively. Both can be found by searching from the Start Menu.

To make your new printer the default, right-click the icon for the printer and then click on ‘Set as default printer’.


You can see the new printer installed by going to System Preferences and then clicking on ‘Printers & Scanners’.

Mac OS automatically chooses the most recently used printer, so there is no need to set a default printer.


Every time you print, Ezeep will send a notification letting you know how many pages you have left for the month.


To make sure Ezeep starts up correctly

By default, Ezeep does not start-up on sign-in. This needs to be manually enabled.

If the Ezeep icon appears in your tray, it means that Ezeep is running and that you have full access to the printers at Urban Office.


Go to the tray in the bottom right of your taskbar. If you have icons hidden, you will need to click on the arrow to expand the menu.

Right-click on the Ezeep icon, hover your mouse over ‘Extras’, and then click on ‘Start ezeep when I log in to Windows’.


By default, Mac OS will launch this application on start-up. However, if the icon does not appear in the menu bar at the top of the screen, you will need to manually launch the application.