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You are constantly working to grow your skills, to improve your business, to hone your process, to expand your network. So are we.

Our approach to coworking

With membership starting at $295, we'll always be here for you, from after-hours side gig to homegrown powerhouse. Whether they’ve got a hot desk, a dedicated desk, or an office, every member has 24/7 access to the workspace. Your membership also comes with built-in conference room time to give you the tools you need for impressive and productive meetings.




Coworking members can drop into a seat at one of our shared tables or common spaces. Choose between couches, standing height tables, or a standard community table. Coworking (sometimes called hot-desking) is our most flexible membership, and gives you the freedom to come and go as you need!

Urban Office's Coworking plan includes:

  • 24x7 Access to common areas and coworking tables
  • 3 hours of meeting room usage a week
  • All amenities listed below!

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Dedicated Desks



A Dedicated Desk is a spacious desk to call your own - an office to personalize just for you, but without the door. Our three piece desk system includes a shelf and lock box. Our desks are huge, one of a kind, custom steel desks. For the size, they're the best value that we have in the space.

A Dedicated Desk includes:

  • Your own desk to use as you please
  • 4 hours of meeting room usage a week
  • Lockable storage
  • Ethernet connection
  • All amenities listed below!

And for even more flexibility, add a second user to your desk membership for only $100 more a month ($495 total).

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Private Offices


Starting at $995.00

Our Private Offices come fully furnished and are customizable. Each office features natural lighting, a unique layout, and a modern feel. A private office will give you access to all of our community spaces and the efficiency of a quiet, dedicated environment for you and your team. Our offices are all sound dampening, have external natural light, and are truly private. Prices vary between $995 and $2995, and include access to the following:

  • Private lockable office
  • 5 hours of meeting room usage a week
  • Ethernet connection
  • Option for a private wireless network
  • All amenities listed below!
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Questions we get all the time

Is it safe/responsible to come to Urban Office right now?

We’re constantly scouring state and federal guidelines for best practices for both workplaces and retail spaces, and are implementing them as applicable. Our members and staff are super conscientious, and we’re all committed to working together for public health. Read more about our specific practices here.

What kind of commitment am I looking at to be a member?

All of our memberships are month-to-month, to give you maximum flexibility. We also offer day passes so you can drop in here and there as you need to. Whichever way you go, we’re excited to have you as part of our community!

Do I need a coworking space?

As more of us work from home than ever before, we’re also reminded of how hard-working from home is for most humans. Having a professional workspace to come to, with colleagues you look forward to seeing and are inspired by, and a dedicated work area with no distractions makes a huge difference. Ask any of our members -- an Urban Office membership more than pays for itself in greater productivity and better enjoyment of work life.

What makes Urban Office different from other Portland coworking spaces?

Listen, no shade here -- we love that coworking is a vibrant part of our community-minded, entrepreneurial city and are big fans of all the great local coworking spaces out there! Everyone has their own thing, though. Urban Office has a unique, industrial-chic, creative-agency vibe, and at 120ish members we’re a lot bigger than a lot of local spaces (and a lot smaller--for the better--than the big national chains). We’re also the only coworking space in South Portland, and an easy commute to Downtown, Southeast, and all the Westside neighborhoods and suburbs. Plus … free parking.