Work Trade Team


Urban Office is looking for a few extra hands to keep our space moving forward and operating to its full potential. Our worktrade positions are specialized positions that will fill gaps on our team. We ask for a six month commitment from worktrade team members, and recruit on a rolling basis. 

In exchange for 8 hours/week of work, we're offering a free coworking membership to the space. You'll be able to access the space and all of its amenities exactly the same as any other member


Responsibilities for all work trade positions include:


Work trade candidates should:


Current Work Trade Positions

Corporate Events

Do workshops and business leadership development and team trainings get you all excited? Are you the connector and organizer that people just naturally reach out to? We want to expand our customer base to corporate and small business clients who need off-site meeting space. In this position, you would create and market off-site retreat and meeting packages for local corporations.  You’d reach out to organizations that may need evening and weekend meeting space. You’d help connect people to facilitators and caterers, troubleshoot AV issues, be the on-site host for evening and weekend meetings (up to 6 hours a week), and coordinate with social media and web development worktraders to promote Urban Office as a go-to place for off-site meetings, retreats, and workshops. 

Programming & Member Events

Help curate Urban Office's range of events, from large one time events to weekly or monthly repeating events, and oversee the planning and execution of said events from start to finish. What events are we missing? How can we make our current offerings more cohesive? What workshops could we put on to attract potential members to the space? This position would coordinate with staff to develop programming strategically and with social media worktraders to promote events and ensure strong attendance. Extra points for actively involving members in the events process. 


Do you have what it takes to make a website rise to the top? Help us strategize what terms we should target, and help us implement the changes and content needed to run with the big dogs. This position will work in conjunction with social media, marketing, and web development worktraders as needed, in order to let that SEO expertise truly shine.

General Worktrade

We're always in need of good folks to watch the front desk and help us keep up with the space. If you don't have any of the above special skills but are interested in trading some of your time for a coworking membership, please reach out and we will see how we can fit you into our program!

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